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      I was born in Phoenix, Arizona 

      I am very active and am in excellence health.

  • Graduated Narbonne High School
  • Two years business at Harbor Junior College
  • Four years Carpenter Apprenticeship School
  • Numerous classes in computer training

Have been  married to Betty Mae since October 25, 1980
Have 5 sons, 6 grandsons,  5 Great-Grandsons and 2 Great-Grand daughters

June, 1958 through September, 1964:
  • Worked as a carpenter on public schools. Experience in concrete work, wood framing, and finish work.

April, 1964 through September 1976:
  • Worked for D. W. McNeil Co. Inc. Started as a Journeyman Carpenter and within 2 months became Superintendent. Worked on Catholic schools, churches, and hospitals.Experience in all phases of construction including plumbing, electrical, and heating & air conditioning.

September, 1976 through September 1982:
  • In business for myself as a wood framing contractor doing custom homes, up to 50 house tracts, and up to 35,000 sq. ft. commercial buildings.

September, 1982 through March 1986:
  • Moved to Dallas, Texas and went to work for Austin Commercial Inc.
  • Carpenter foreman in charge of all structural formwork on a 8 story structural concrete office building.
  • Assistance Superintendent on a 72 story structural steel office building. Helped design concrete forms, was in charge of all concrete. Poured over 60,000 cubic yards of concrete, 2,000 psi to 10,000 psi.

  • Assistance Superintendent on a 24 story structural concrete office building, I was number 2 man in charge of all subcontractors and employees. Averaged 294 cubic yards of concrete poured per day for nine months.         Completed project 90 days ahead of schedule.

March, 1986 Through May, 1987
  • General Superintendent for Huie Construction in Dallas on a 15 story and a 10 story structural concrete Harvey Hotels.

June, 1987 through June, 1988
  • Moved to Phoenix, Arizona and stayed for a year doing odd jobs and visiting with sons and just having a good time.

June, 1988 through December, 1989 
  • Moved to California and went to work for you son Jody R. Kelly on multi-unit apartments.

January 1, 1990 through November, 1991
  • Moved to Ridgecrest, California and built our home.
  • Worked for C. Martin Company Inc. as a Superintendent doing the A R C building, a small commercial building.
  • Built the Visitors Center at the Red Rock Canyon State Park.

November 15, 1991 through June, 2001
  • Went to work for McCarthy Building Companies
     1 - The first project was a California State Prison in Seely, a               60 million dollar plus project. I was a carpenter foreman               in charge of all the onsite built precast concrete panels.
     2 - November, 1992: I became Assistant Superintendent on              another California State Prison in Coalinga, a 60 million                  dollar plus project. I was in charge of all McCarthy                          employees on all phases of the project.
     3 - February, 1994: Went to another California State Prison               in Susanville as assistant Superintendent.
     4 - July, 1994: Promoted to Project Superintendent and                      moved to the Soledad State Prison, a 65 million dollar                    project. Was in charge of all McCarthy employees and all              Sub-contractors. Did all the construction scheduling and                ordering of materials and supplies. Also detailed all of the              precast panels.                                                                                     The Soledad Prison Project received the Roger Burnet                  award  for the best of the best in the McCarthy Building                Companies for 1996.
     5 - May, 1996 through April, 1997: Worked on 3 small                         projects.
     6 - April, 1997: Project Superintendent on an Arizona State                Prison in Yuma, Arizona. A 27 million dollar project. Same             job description as Soledad Prison.
     7 - December, 1998: Project Superintendent in charge of                   detailing, building, and installing all precast on the                           Disneyland Parking Structure. A 90 million dollar project. 
     8 - November, 1999 through July 2000: Worked on                              Hollywood and Highland Kodak Theater (350 million                       dollar project) waiting on my own project.
     9 - July, 2000: Project Superintendent on a 4 story 25 million dollar project in Reno, Nevada.

June 2001:
  • Retired from McCarthy and moved to the Dagger Ranch in Eastern Arizona and just played cowboy for a couple of years.

April 2003;
  • Bought a home in Show Low, Arizona and moved to the cooler weather.

November 2003:
  • Received my certification for Arizona State Home Inspector #40023