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What is the need for a Home Inspector during construction when we have City Building Inspectors
A City and County Building Inspector
A local building inspector is really a good thing, they do inspect and either sign off on the inspection they have been called out to do or they turn it down.
There are several phases a project must be inspected:
Foundation and floor slab:
Footings are dug, rebar is in, forms are set, call for inspection. Inspector checks all plus the set back requirements.  Okayed           "FOOTINGS ARE POURED"
Questions: Was there a soils compaction test on the building pad especially if there was fill
                   Were all the utility trenches filled and compacted properly
                   Was there test cylinders taken on the concrete poured
                   Was the concrete poured on muddy or frozen soils
                   Did the reinforcing steel stay in place during placement
                   Are all the embedded items like anchor bolts, hold down bolts and straps in place
                   Was the concrete consolidated (vibrated) during placement
                   Was the concrete protected from freezing after in place.
                   Was the concrete cured correctly.    
These are things the local building inspector does not concern himself with. The concrete is in and it got hard and that is it.

Stem walls, concrete block or poured concrete.
Forms are set or block is laid, rebar is in place. Call for inspection. Again Inspector checks it out and okays it.           "CONCRETE IS POURED"
Then pretty much the same questions as on the footings
                   Plus: Is there a correct amount of foundation vents in the right locations.
                             Does there need to be waterproofing applied to the stem wall
                             Is the exterior grade okay to keep water out of the crawl space during construction.
Floor wood framing:
Plate is installed on top of the stem wall, Joist are laid out and installed, call for inspection. The inspector checks it out. Anchor bolts in correct locations. Joist an correct spacing. Okayed,  Floor sheathing is installed and wall framing begins. "LETS SEE, DID ANYBODY LOOK AT THE FLOOR SHEATING TO MAKE SURE IT WAS NAILED PROPERLY BEFORE WALL FRAMING STARTED, WHAT, NO, WELL LET'S HOPE THE FLOOR DOES NOT SQUEAK WHEN YOU ARE WALKING ON THE CARPET GOING TO BED"
Questions: Was the sub- grade under the floor leveled out so no exterior water could enter the crawl                          space
                   Is the interior grade higher than the finish grade on the exterior will be
                   Was the crawl space clean and free of debris.
                   Was the insulation installed on the stem wall
                   Was the correct floor sheathing used.
                   Was the floor sheathing glued
                   Was the floor sheathing nailed correctly as per the building code
                   Was there any floor joist cut during installation of Plumbing, Electrical, or Mechanical
                   Are all the holes in the crawl space that would allow pest into the home been filled
                   Has the exterior shear wall sheeting been installed and nailed correctly
                   Has the roof sheeting been installed and nailed correctly

Building Framing, Plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical:
All framing is complete, rough plumbing is installed, rough electrical is installed, rough mechanical is installed, ready for drywall
Questions: Are all the metal connections been installed ( the city inspector will take a quick look at this)
                   Has the wood framing been cut unnecessarily anywhere.
                   Are the electrical boxes in the correct locations
                   Is the rough plumbing stubbed out in the correct locations
                   Are the heating and air conditioning vents sufficient.
                   Has the building been cleaned so the insulation and drywall can be installed in a professional                       manner
Questions: Has the shear wall sheeting been nailed correctly
                   Has the water proof membrane been installed correctly
                   Is the siding installed and nailed correctly in a professional manner
                   Is all trim installed and caulked properly in a professional manner
                   Has all penetrations been sealed properly
                   Are all decks and stairs installed correctly.
Inspector took a look at it when he did the framing inspection
Questions: Has the roof sheeting been nailed correctly
                   Are all flashing's in place
                   Special attention to the flatter and hard to get to areas
                   Has the roof been installed in a professional manner
                   Is there a rain gutter system installed with the down spouts directed well away from the                            foundation
In is installed and Inspector is called to look at it. Looks good "Drywall it"
Questions: Has insulation been installed where necessary before drywall installation.
                  Has all batt insulation been attached properly
                  Was the blown in insulation blown in at the completion of the home
                  Have all the window and door frames been sealed properly before drywall
Questions: Has it been installed in a professional manner
                   Has it been nailed or screwed properly(sometimes the city inspector will check this)
Questions: Has the exterior siding and trim been sealed and finished properly
                  Is the interior painting done in a professional manner
                  Do all the windows and doors fit and function properly
                  Are all the cabinets installed in a professional manner
                  Is the finish plumbing fixtures installed and working properly.
Is electrical been installed properly and is the house wired correctly
                  Do all the appliances function properly
Site grading:
Questions: Has the grade around the foundation have the correct grade directing the water away from                     the foundation.
                  Is the entire site graded properly for water run off.
                  Have all the utility trenches been compacted properly
                  Are the roof downspouts directing roof water away from the foundation.
                  Has the correct material been used for site grading. (No gravel or cinders are to be used)
                  Is all the exterior concrete/asphalt base been installed and compacted properly
                  Has all the exterior concrete/asphalt been placed and finished correctly
                  Has the exterior concrete been cured correctly.  
Final Inspection:
All is done and final inspection is called for. The inspector signs it off and certificate of occupancy is issued.
     Facts: There are many of the items in red above in fact just about all of them that the local building official does not look at.
I like to start at the beginning to be involved with the plan review. There will be items that I can save you money on and other items that I believe you need that are not on the plans.
Let me tell you now that I want to be a pardner with your builder, not a inspector that is going to slam him every time he comes on site. I'm sure that with the right builder, he will want to do your job to best of his ability and I just want to help him with that.
As you can see with the above information that I will not be going by the site every week or two or every month. I will be on site just about every day and talking to your builder about his schedule and what he is doing next. I do not tell him when or how he needs to do something but would be glad to give my input if asked for.
I will send daily reports on the activities of the project via e-mail to you and your builder.

As a note to you, get a detailed schedule of the jobsite daily activities. I have seen 3 or 4 month home building projects turn into a year or so. A good builder will want to get in and get it done and get their money and go home. And a good builder will want to do it right so he does not have to go back. 

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